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“This Service and my Listener helped me to come to terms with my grief. I would even look forward to the time spent with the Listener and came away feeling calmer. They truly helped me.”

Insights client 2022

'Speaking to the listener helped me to untangle some knots for myself and to see that there could be a brighter future for me. I realised that I do not have to be defined by my loss.' 

Insights client 2022

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People have always said to me, when I’ve told them that I’m a carer/support worker that it must be a very rewarding job. I’ve not really understood what they meant by it so just agreed, because for me, I get paid to do that job of caring and I always do it to the very best of my ability.
Well today my client said ‘thank you, thank you for what you’re doing. You are really helping me, I enjoy our chats.  I said,’ you’re welcome, that I’m glad I can help and be here for you to talk to.’

Not sure I would say I felt ‘rewarded’ but I felt a different type of happy and gladness?

Kelly – An Insights Volunteer

“I would like to thank the volunteer who supported me for being such an excellent listener. Although I originally came to the service due to a close family member’s bereavement, she has helped me so much to acknowledge and understand things that are going on in my life. Many, many thanks.”

Insights Client 2022

I found it very rewarding, more so than from my paid work. I also think it’s huge privilege to be trusted with someone’s heart, grief, and pain.

Katrina – an Insights Volunteer

Becoming an Insights Volunteer has been extremely important to me. My own personal experiences of bereavement were overwhelming, and I never asked for support at the time. I feel privileged to be accepted as a volunteer and it's incredibly rewarding to support clients who are grieving and help them through that difficult journey.

Kate – an Insights Volunteer

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